Variable Dropbox

I want to make 2 dropbox menus. My second dropbox will change according to the value I selected in the first dropbox. For example, in my first dropbox there will be 3 options. (color, height, weight)

If “color” is selected in the first dropbox, it should come up with (yellow, blue, green) in the second dropbox.

If “height” is selected in the first dropbox, in the second dropbox
(long, medium, short) should come.

If “weight” is selected in the first dropbox, it should come up with (light, medium, heavy) in the second dropbox.

How can I do that?

Hello EvrEn,

you can find the examples in this section of help: doo.model - Tabidoo Help Center look for section Lookup filtering.


This is impossible for me. Can you share a ready-made example on this subject? I think I can do it by changing it.

  1. define field with all available lookups
  2. Try to limit them down using the script
  3. Now do it using some condition
  4. done.

Another option is to have different fields, which could be more appropriate from what you have told us so far. Like if “height” is selected display “height field”.

I would need to see more of the usecase you have.

What I need is exactly what you said last. For example, if height is selected, show the height field. It doesn’t matter how I do this, “dropbox or lookup”. As long as I can show different options depending on the selected value.

Something like this should work for you. Lets say you have fields:

type, height, color

doo.model.height.isVisible = false;
doo.model.color.isVisible = false;
if (doo.model.type.value === "height") {
  doo.model.height.isVisible = true;
} else if (doo.model.type.value === "color") {
  doo.model.color.isVisible = true;

Thanks for your help. However, it is not possible for someone who does not know JS to do what you wrote. Because I don’t even know where I should write this code. If there was an example application, I could apply what I saw there to myself. This is the biggest and most important shortcoming of Tabidoo compared to other platforms. The support platform is very weak and there are almost no enough examples.


as @PavelPancocha wrote, just use this sample script in Scripting, which you can learn more about on Help: Introduction - Tabidoo Help Center. We can also offer you the basics of scripting in Tabidoo (this is a paid service).

Wit Regards,