WF and email field

Hello I want to show email address value in WF email. But it prints just

E-mail: [object Object]

I’ve tried do script:
doo.workflow.runningData.GeneralEmail = doo.model.ADDR_email.value;

and then:
**E-mail:** ${doo.workflow.runningData.GeneralEmail || ''}

But it doesn’t work too.

How can I show email address properly? Thanks.

Hi Thomas,
doo.model.ADDR_email.value contains an object. (as you can see in the email)
The object contains a value in href property, so you want to change your code to

doo.workflow.runningData.GeneralEmail = doo.model.ADDR_email.value?.href;

(please do not copy the code from here as it contains some hidden formatting)
You can find data types documentation here:


Thanks. That works perfectly.