Workflow automation with attachment

I am trying to build a automated workflow where:

  1. a change of record in table 1 triggers the flow
  2. a report is created
  3. a record is created in table 2 (currently through webhook and integromat)

I would like to attach the report in the new record created in table 2.

Is this possible somehow?

Dear Martti,

Our developers have to discuss this further. Anyway, we will definitely find a solution for you. I will let you know here once I get some feedback and we will provide you with the instructions.


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Hi Martti,
In the action for creating the report we published a variable name in which we store the report.
(You need to switch on the developer level in the user settings to see that.)

The variable is then written on the screen. It is something like
You can use this data for whatever you need to do with the file. E. g. you can create a new action, type java script and there you can create a new record with the report in the attachment:

await doo.table.createRecord('Table 1',{
 "myCode": "Code 1",
 "myFile": [{
  "filename": doo.workflow.runningData.xv0ag5h6w8.fileName,
    "mimetype": "application/pdf",
    "filedata": "data:application/pdf;base64," +doo.workflow.runningData.xv0ag5h6w8.content,

You can find more about our API here:

Thanks! I will try it out

Works well, thanks Michal!