Workflow Automation with email notification

So i make a WF to send email to admin whenever someone’s birthday is coming. It works perfectly.
But when there are 2 persons have the same birthday WF sends 2 emails for each notification. When there are 5 persons have the same birthday, WF sends 5 emails for each notification. How to set WF only sends 1 notification email with the info of all names that have the same birthday coming up ?


Try setting up WF as follows: Trigger At scheduled time - every day I look to see who all has a birthday. If such employees exist, a report/email (whatever) is sent/created with a list of such people celebrating their birthday on that day.

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Thank you Filip for the reply.
And how to make the email with such list of people ?
Can you please guide me because I’m not familiar with coding.
I’ve tried setting up WF as follows: Trigger At scheduled time - daily/weekly
but there’s no setting to set the WF to check the birthday data.
Thank you.